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ExxpertApps awarded as "Rising Star"​ for CRM Software by FinancesOnline Directory

According to SaaS review experts from FinancesOnline, Exxpertapps recently received two awards. The first one being the "2018 Rising Star award" in the areas of CRM, Project Management and Collaboration. In addition, ExxpertApps also received the "Great User Experience award" for its consistent and friendly user interface across all business areas and the strong focus on showing only relevant information to end-users.

FinancesOnline is a site that tackles information about thousands of SaaS Applications by application area and creates thorough CRM systems research. Buyers can obtain important insights into specific business applications and can compare them in order to make a decision.

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Using Swarm Intelligence in CRM

Traditional CRM systems have been capturing information from sales teams to improve sales monitoring. These systems normally added more value to the sales manager than to the sales agents and therefore they were not always accepted in the field. This article is about using tools and swarm intelligence in a modern CRM system to help B2B sales teams achieve better results and therefore give them a real motivation of using a CRM system.

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The true cost of business software

Business software like CRM systems has a much greater impact on a company than most people believe. It influences employees, processes, decisions and therefore indirectly the results of the company. This article describes the true impact of good and bad business software for a company and how it affects costs, revenue, growth and ultimately success.

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Avoiding Project Pitfalls in the Digital Age

“Approximately one-third of all projects don’t meet the expected goals” as indicated in the recent report “Pulse of the Profession” published by the Project Management Institute in 2015. The common pitfalls are well known and still this number has not changed over the last years.

This blog post describes how a combination of best practices and technology of the Digital Age can contribute improving project results over time avoiding the common pitfalls.

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The value of Information Maps in the Digital Economy

Most of us will agree, that we are suffering from an information overload but on the other side (we might also agree) that information is today’s most powerful the asset for business in the digital economy.

So, the question is how to prevent an information overload while obtaining the relevant information for the company, for the project teams, and for every single employee to achieve the goals and be successful in the digital economy?

This blog post describes how we need to change the way we plan for business and include information management as a key element in our thinking.

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The end of the E-Mail in the Digital Economy

Business without e-mail is impossible but at the same time business with e-mail is becoming annoying because it is starting to impact negatively on productivity. E-Mail was created to communicate but it is used also to collaborate and my feeling is that is not working properly. So, in the area of collaboration there is the danger of “playing golf with a baseball bat”…just the wrong tool.

The Digital Economy is demanding for internal and external collaboration at productivity rates, which are drastically much higher than the levels we know from today. Therefore internal e-mails and a also a great portion of external e-mails will be replaced by next generation collaboration systems that help to manage projects with their respective data, activities, and project-related communication.

This article describes why we can foresee "the end of the E-Mail" as the main communication and collaboration tool and how new technologies are offering alternatives to achieve much higher levels of team productivity.

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Adapt your Thinking for the Digital Economy

Have you ever wondered why the next generation of American electric cars was not developed by the traditional US car manufacturers or why the biggest competitors to hotels and taxis are private apartments and private drivers instead of hotels and taxis? It is mainly because the newcomers enter the market with a New Thinking ahead of traditional companies.

Therefore, if we want to participate and win in a growing Digital Economy, we will have to change our thinking patterns quite drastically in order to create new offerings for the digital age.

This article describes the "New Thinking Patterns", which can help companies and individuals to grow their business in the coming years by adapting their products and services to the new world.

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Creating new offerings for the Digital Economy

The radical market changes of the last decade have influenced customers and their needs. If customers change, then the offerings towards these and other customers also need to change in order for an organization to stay competitive. If the organization isn’t experiencing business growth and it hasn’t changed a considerable percentage of its offerings in the last years, then there is the chance that the organization is missing new market opportunities and is loosing competitiveness day by day.

Future success is not automatically based on past success. So, are you ready to discover new grounds?

This blog post gives you a good example of how a company has constantly adapted its offerings for the digital Economy and provides you a process to develop new products and services for the new reality.

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Accepting the New Reality

The digital economy has changed entire industries and continues to change the world as we speak. The two questions we need to ask now are: 1) “How did the digital economy affect my target market?... and 2) Is my company or organization still in sync with this market?”.

If markets and customers change, then players have to cope with this change to stay competitive. The photography and video market has changed and companies like Kodak have lost their leadership. The music market has been put upside down by Napster, then iTunes molded and now Spotify is changing it all again.

So, when the carpet on which we stand moves, there are those who stay and those who fall.

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