CRM for the Digital Economy

ExxpertApps es un producto de CALVI SYSTEMS SL, empresa europea basada en España y con presencia internacional. Con más de 15 años de experiencia dando servicio a clientes globales, CALVI SYSTEMS SL desarrolla soluciones pioneras y trabaja continuamente para innovar en la forma de hacer negocios y optimizar procesos.

The ExxpertApps CRM is a suite of integrated business applications that empowers companies to be more efficient in the Digital Economy by enabling online interactions with clients and partners.

  1. Mass Mailing and Landing Pages - The highest value of emails combined with landing pages is that they can be used to reach a large number of target persons for several business purposes such as newsletters, event invitations, marketing campaigns, file distribution, surveys, etc.. The ExxpertApps Mailer is capable of personalizing each individual mail and targeting only those persons that have subscribed to the different types of mails. On the other side, the ExxpertApps Landing Page is fully transactional and allows for online event registrations, sales of products, capture of credit card payments, reservation of resources, and much more.
  1. Online Sales and Auctions - When it comes to a selected target group, ExxpertApps allows to sell and auction any product very similar to Ebay either in an open or closed environment with selected participants. The rules of the sales and auctions are defined prior to launching it.
  1. Online Procurements - The complete procurement process of defining the needs, requesting proposals, comparing proposals, and negotiating terms can be done using ExxpertApps. This replaces the traditional communication over email.
  1. Online Client Portal - One of the most time-consuming activities of companies is to keep the information on their clients up-to-date. The ExxpertApps Online Client Portal is individually enabled for each client and they can access securely to update their own information for all the fields that have been chosen to be externally updated. Additionally, clients can view and pay their invoices using credit cards or Paypal.
  1. Online Client Directory - Certain organizations such as chambers of commerce have the need to publish the catalog of members. ExxpertApps allows you to do this with one click by selecting the clients that will be in the online directory. Clients can update their information through the Online Client Portal as described above and make it available online immediately.
  1. Online Resource Booking - Some companies offer resources to their clients such as cars, equipment, etc. which can be booked and paid online. These companies can publish their resources with the ExxpertApps landing page and get resource reservation and upfront payments.
  1. Coordination of external Activities - The ExxpertApps project management module helps to assign activities to internal and external persons and obtain indications when these activities are completed. This enables external partners to be integrated in the teams that drive a project.
  1. Coordination of external approvals and decisions - In the same way that Activities are assigned to external persons, companies that use ExxpertApps can also assign approvals or decisions to externals and obtain their feedback directly online.

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