Meet the ExxpertApps world

With ExxpertApps, boost the efficiency of your teams, while increasing customer satisfaction and driving partnerships.


  • Facilitates sales management and execution.
  • Create and send proposals with a click.
  • Controls the results of the sales team.
  • Allows online sales and auctions.


  • Centralizes your customer and supplier data.
  • Allows you to easily interact with your contacts.
  • Automates invoice management.
  • Generates automatic customer or partner guides.


  • Reaches your audiences individually.
  • Generates templates for your communications.
  • Creates landing pages easily.
  • Simplifies the registration of your events.

Billing and Payments

  • Automatically creates multi-language and multi-currency invoices.
  • Facilitates your invoicing process on a large scale.
  • Manages your online payments (credit/debit cards, Paypal, etc.).


  • Manages internal resources (rooms, cars, etc.).
  • Manages online bookings.
  • Calculates your budgets.


  • Collects and compares offers.
  • Manage your purchasing processes in a centralized way.


  • Manages project delivery and assignments.
  • Manages income, expenses, contracts, etc.
  • Creates process templates for your projects.
  • Manages authorizations, decisions, etc.


  • With payment providers and electronic invoicing systems in different countries.
  • With Outlook 365.
  • With ERPs through APIs.

Easy to implement and scale

We help you integrate the platform in a simple and efficient way, optimizing your sales and management processes.

  • We help you analyze and improve your business processes to boost your sales.
  • We identify your business accelerators and identify optimization opportunities.
  • We enable the platform modules that best fit your needs and processes.

  • We configure the data model, user profiles, business functionalities and interface.
  • We integrate with other systems and ERPs.
  • We define with you your additional business or technology needs and help you adapt ExxpertApps to them.

  • We train users to master the platform.
  • We automate your sales, invoicing and payment management.
  • We migrate your customer and supplier ecosystem.
  • We segment your customers by profile and potential.
  • We develop insights and facilitate knowledge transfer.
  • We measure business indicators and show you how teams get better results with ExxpertApps.

We are the most user-friendly, intuitive and easy-to-use platform on the market

Created by experts, for experts to improve processes, simplify remote work and drive more sales.

Increased productivity in sales and management processes.

Development of business insights for your business.

Centralization of activities and workflows.

Comprehensive coverage of your work areas.

Multi-language and multi-currency platform.

Intuitive design, agile and easy to use.

Industry-specific coverage.

Management of internal collaboration channels.

Regular product updates and new features.

Our global footprint

We offer an enterprise solution that helps companies around the world optimize their sales and customer relationships.

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ExxpertApps awarded as "Rising Star" for CRM Software by FinancesOnline Directory

According to SaaS review experts from FinancesOnline, Exxpertapps recently received two awards. The first one being the "2018 Rising Star award" in the areas of CRM, Project Management and Collaboration

Using Swarm Intelligence in CRM

Traditional CRM systems have been capturing information from sales teams to improve sales monitoring. These systems normally added more value to the sales manager than to the sales agents and therefore they were not always accepted in the field