Would you like to participate in a growing market?

The market of enterprise applications in the cloud is growing rapidly and will change the software industry providing more value to clients.

The time is right to participate in this market with ExxpertApps, a Next Generation Enterprise Application which differentiates from traditional software and which has a high growth potential.

ExxpertApps is multi-language, multi-currency and integrates all business functions for departments such as development, marketing, sales, training, procurement, project management, etc..

As opposed to traditional software, ExxpertApps does not only manage information but also processes and knowledge, does not only manage internal but also external collaboration, and has many more functions of a true modern software.

Clients value ExxpertApps because it integrates many application areas, is much more flexible and has an incomparable user interface.

  • Productivity
  • Results
  • Service quality
  • Competitiveness
  • Enterprise Application
  • Cloud Computing
  • Technology services
  • Recurring commissions
For Partners - How to belong to the network of distribution partners
We are extending the network of partners

Calvi Systems is currently extending the network of implementation partners. This alliance combines our vision and values with the experience and knowledge of the local market from the partner. Together we will make our clients more successful.

Would you like to become our partner?

Your Benefits

The business model is simple. We distribute the software and the partner all services related to ExxpertApps. The partner revenue is made of:

> Recurring licence commissions
> Recurring support comissions
> Your implementation services

Your Profile

We are looking for partner which have the following capabilities and infrastructure:

> Experience in technology
> Knowledge of enterprise applications
> Having a sales and support team
> Having a network of target customers

For Customers - How to contact with the network of certified partners

North-, Central- and South America - CRESCIENTA LLC

Manages the network of agents

Benny Sterental - Flavio Calonge

  • Benny Sterental
  • benny.sterental@exxpertapps.com
  • Cell phone: +1.786.547.5547
  • Skype: benny.sterental​
  • Flavio Calonge
  • flavio.calonge@exxpertapps.com
  • Cell phone: +1-954-401-0761
  • Skype: flavio.calonge

Central America

Agent - Pedro Figueroa Borondo

  • pedro.figueroa@exxpertapps.com
  • Cell phone: +506 8921 0306
  • Skype: pedro.figueroa.borondo


Agent - Claudia González

  • claudia.gonzalez@exxpertapps.com
  • Cell phone: 011-5257-3069
  • Skype: claudia.gonzalez867


Agent - Alberto Echalar Ascarrunz

  • albertoechalar@hotmail.com
  • Cell Phone: +591 (7) 153-0892


Agent - Patricia E. Galvez Lema

  • patricia.galvez@exxpertapps.com
  • Phone: +593 (969) 054780
  • Skype: paelygal


Agent - Xperta Gestión Empresarial

César Gamarra

  • cesar@xpertaperu.com
  • Phone: +(511) 7174377
  • Skype: cesar.gamarra.malca
  • Web: www.xpertaperu.com

Agent - R O I S

Victor Arteaga and Luis Colareta

  • Victor Arteaga
  • victor.arteaga@exxpertapps.com
  • Mobile: +(511) 999 592 192
  • Luis Colareta
  • luis.colareta@exxpertapps.com
  • Mobile: +(511) 956 385 286

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